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관리하는 서버가 계속 이런 파일이 생기네요

selinux관련 오류같은데


restorecon으로 클리어하고 지우면 된다는군요.

selinux를 잘 몰라서.. 좀 더 알아봐야겠습니다.


restorecon -f /var/tmp/badcontext.YGZFP27816
Will fix the context, then delete the files. We are investigating how do handle this better. Also
some of the bad contexts are not really bad, IE the tools not smart enough to realize that the context is
valid. Setfiles is just reporting files that don't match the regular expessions in the file_contexts file.

So cache files created by mozilla get marked as bad even though they are valid.

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