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zip 압축 파일 암호 풀기

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fcrackzip - a Free/Fast Zip Password Cracker  


fcrackzip [-bDBchVvplum2] [--brute-force] [--dictionary] [--benchmark] [--charset characterset] [--help] [--validate] [--verbose] [--init-password string/path] [--length min-max] [--use-unzip] [--method name] [--modulo r/m] file...  


fcrackzip searches each zipfile given for encrypted files and tries to guess the password. All files must be encrypted with the same password, the more files you provide, the better.  


-h, --help
Prints the version number and (hopefully) some helpful insights.
-v, --verbose
Each -v makes the program more verbose.
-b, --brute-force
Select brute force mode. This tries all possible combinations of the letters you specify.
-D, --dictionary
Select dictionary mode. In this mode, fcrackzip will read passwords from a file, which must contain one password per line and should be alphabetically sorted (e.g. using (1)).
-c, --charset characterset-specification
Select the characters to use in brute-force cracking. Must be one of

  a   include all lowercase characters [a-z]
  A   include all uppercase characters [A-Z]
  1   include the digits [0-9]
  !   include [!:$%&/()=?[]+*~#]
  :   the following characters upto the end of the spe-
      cification string are included in the character set.
      This way you can include any character except binary
      null (at least under unix).

For example, a1:$% selects lowercase characters, digits and the dollar and percent signs.

-p, --init-password string
Set initial (starting) password for brute-force searching to string, or use the file with the name string to supply passwords for dictionary searching.
-l, --length min[-max]
Use an initial password of length min, and check all passwords upto passwords of length max (including). You can omit the max parameter.
-u, --use-unzip
Try to decompress the first file by calling unzip with the guessed password. This weeds out false positives when not enough files have been given.
-m, --method name
Use method number "name" instead of the default cracking method. The switch --help will print a list of available methods. Use --benchmark to see which method does perform best on your machine. The name can also be the number of the method to use.
-2, --modulo r/m
Calculate only r/m of the password. Not yet supported.
-B, --benchmark
Make a small benchmark, the output is nearly meaningless.
-V, --validate
Make some basic checks wether the cracker works.
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